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Interfaith is dedicated to improving the lives of the individuals and families throughout Kansas by helping households develop and maintain solid financial foundations.

The following programs are dedicated to promoting financial wellness through a behavior-based education curriculum. The courses promote the following healthy financial habits:

-Regulate spending in order to increase household cash flow
-Manage debt and leverage credit in order to maintain positive credit profiles
-Implement intentional savings in order to gain security and protection for the future
-Make disciplined decisions in order to execute financial plans and reach financial goals

For more information, please contact Eric Scott at 620-860-4480, or email him at eric.scott@primeres.com

Individual Development Account (IDA) Program

The IDA program empowers individuals and families who qualify to develop and maintain solid financial foundations by helping them save for the purchase of a high-return asset. This asset could include buying a home, making repairs to the home you currently own, continuing education through college or technical training, and starting or growing a small business.

Participants learn to overcome obstacles and master savings in a convenient online class that fits any schedule. Upon completion of the class, clients are eligible to open a savings account and receive a 2:1 match for every dollar they save.

Qualifying households save for a minimum of six months towards the purchase of their asset.

The program helps participants:

Gain tools for managing finances
Learn responsible savings behaviour
Participate in life skills workshops
Receive 2:1 matched savings
Purchase a high-return asset
Become financially self-sufficient
For more information, please contact Eric Scott at 620-860-4480, or email him at eric.scott@primeres.com

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Kansas Home Ownership & Mortgage Education (K-HOME)

Homeownership education provides you with the information and resources you need to navigate the home buying process, and make informed decisions that support sustainable homeownership.

We have partnered with eHomeAmerica to provide the nation’s #1 online homebuyer education course to all homebuyers, regardless of income.

Available in English and Spanish, this course is based on NeighborWorks America’s Realizing the American Dream curriculum and meets the National Industry Standards for homebuyer education.

The course takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete and requires a one-time registration fee of $99*. A minimum of one homeownership counseling session must be completed in order to receive the eHomeAmerica course certificate of completion.

*Talk to your realtor or lender about covering this expense.

 Key Features:

Complete at your own pace
Animated videos covering all materials
Easy-to-read content
Quizzes throughout the course to ensure understanding
Instant access to certified homeownership and financial counsellors

For more information, please contact Eric Scott at 620-860-4480, or email him at eric.scott@primeres.com

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Take Control Collaborative Coaching

Tailored to the specific needs of each individual, the client-centered approach of Take Control can help anyone reach their financial goals.

Take Control increases financial capability through the following approaches:

Management of personal finances
Successful navigation of the financial market
Access to financial products and services
Encouragement and support to practice positive financial behaviors

Group seminars and individual coaching are provided by Lacy Stauffacher, NeighborWorks America® Certified Financial Capabilities Director.

Take Control also offers training for service providers on how to incorporate coaching techniques into their services. Collaborative coaching is a relational model of coming alongside people as they work toward specific, self-directed goals for economic stability.

For more information, please contact Eric Scott at 620-860-4480, or email him at eric.scott@primeres.com

About the Interfaith Housing and Community Services

Interfaith Housing and Community Services seeks to alleviate poverty and build community through housing assistance, financial education and individual empowerment.

We envision communities where people have achieved financial self-sufficiency, and housing that is affordable to their level of income, accessible to their level of need — where they can live in safety with dignity.

Our Story

In 1989, Helen Rosenblad attended a housing meeting in Hutchinson, Kansas and saw that people who were unable to maintain their homes were falling through the cracks. She assembled people from churches throughout the community to work together and meet those needs.

For nearly 30 years, Interfaith has been lending a helping hand. We have crossed religious barriers and connected those with a need to those who have a desire and ability to fill that need. From a small group of faithful, ripples of change and transformation can be seen in the tangible changes and subtle difference in lives and homes across our communities.

Our desire to serve the under-served has not changed over the years, but the way we do has. Not only do we work to meet immediate housing and safety needs, but we also work with clients to move past current situations, toward stability and financial security.

To Donate or Volunteer, please visit interfaithks.org/takeaction for more information.


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